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After moving to a new city, a likeable cop is partnered up with a misanthropic officer and the duo begin to unravel a string of string murders that all have one thing in common: the method of each killing is based on the victim’s astrological sign.

After moving to a new city, a likeable cop is partnered up with a misanthropic officer and the duo begin to unravel a string of murders that all have one thing in common: the method of each killing is based on the victim's astrological sign. 

When Police officer Vincent Thomas takes on a new posting in Chicago, he has to deal with a lot more than the usual big city bureaucracy - he may have a serial killer on his hands.
make matters worse, his veteran partner, Sal Demarco, isn't exactly thrilled to show him the ropes. But as the bodies begin to pile up in a bizarre and terrifying ways, Sal and Vincent realize they are up against a diabolical madman who will stop at nothing to exact his own brand of twisted justice.
Fortunately, Vince has a sympathetic ear in Ashley, a fellow cop with whom he quickly develops a close relationship, or it may seem.
Then, just as it seems as if every clue leads to a dead end, Vincent makes a shocking discovery - the killer is murdering his victims based on the signs of the zodiac.
With time running out, and everyone a suspect, Sal is forced to confront a truth so unexpected, it will shock him.....and the audience.

F I L M   |   V I S U A L S

F I L M   |   D I R E C T OR 

Daniel Zirilli is an award-winning director specializing in action films & crime dramas, who launched his career directing hundreds music videos. Zirilli recently wrapped two back to back action films – “Invincible” (As director/producer/co-writer) starring Johnny Strong, Marko Zaror, Sally Kirkland, Michael Pare and Vladimir Kulich, and “Hollow Point” (As director/co-writer) with the ensemble cast of Luke Goss, Jay Mohr, Juju Chan, Bill Duke, Michael Pare, Kirk Fox, and Roger G. Smith which has won numerous international awards at film festivals (including “Best Director” in Austin, and “Best Action Film” in Spain).  Zirilli started 2019 directing (with Michael Mireno) “Acceleration” starring Dolph Lundgren, Sean Patrick Flanery, Natalie Burn, Chuck Liddell, Danny Trejo, and Quinton “Rampage” Jackson. Zirilli also produced the theatrical feature film about the early days of Guns N' Roses- “It's So Easy and Other Lies” based on the book by Duff McKagan, and is currently producing a documentary based on “The Grapes Of Wrath” by legendary author John Steinbeck, featuring James Franco. Two action films Zirilli directed had debuts on NETFLIX, "The Asian Connection" starring Steven Seagal & Michael Jai White (Zirilli also co-wrote the story with Tom Sizemore) and "Crossing Point" starring Jacob Vargas, Rudy Youngblood, Luke Goss, and Tom Sizemore. Zirilli has written or co-written 20 feature films that have been produced, and directed projects for Michael Jackson through Jackson's Moonwalker Entertainment, and produced the film and video for The Rolling Stones “Voodoo Lounge”, working directly with Mick Jagger. 

In Music Videos, Zirilli worked his way up in the business with artists such as NWA, Cher and Danzig, then directed/produced over 250 Music Videos, with some going to #1 on MTV and BET, with more than 25 singles that reached beyond gold or platinum sales (1 million units RIAA) for artists including Three 6 Mafia, Dvbbs, Redman, Cypress Hill, Shaq, Scarface, Montel Jordan, Master P, Twista, Chayanne, Freddie Jackson, Roger Troutman Jr., Gerald Levert, Bobby Womack, Bokeem Woodbine, Peter Himmelman, Flea, Domino, Supercat, Wilton Felder, Najee, and other Grammy Award Winning Artists. Zirilli also produced music videos for Russell Simmons film “The Show” for Def Jam, Michael Nesmith (of The Monkees) and many other legendary recording artists. 

Daniel Zirilli's Public Service Announcements include projects commissioned by the Earth Communication Office (E.C.O.), Earth Summit, Save our Skies (S.O.S.), and The Garden Project L.A. (in association with Disney) which have featured socially conscious celebrities such as Mark Hamill, Pierce Brosnan, Olivia Newton-John, Ed Begley Jr., Herbie Hancock, Bob Saget, Rita Coolidge, Richard Mull, Jane Seymour and the Late John Ritter, among many others.

K N O W N  F O R :

F I L M   |   I N F O

Location : US  •  Start Date : October •  Writer :  Adam Rockoff    Shooting : 20 Days

Producers : Tamara Shelley, Richard Rionda Castro